Toronto, Canada October 24-25, 2022
Toronto, Canada
October 24-25, 2022

The Web3Power 2022 Summit has been postponed due to the downturn in the Crypto ecosystem, the deteriorating global macroeconomic financial conditions, and the increased geopolitical tensions.

Securing Canada’s Leadership in the Global Digital Asset Economy
A National Public-Private Roundtable to Brainstorm the Challenge at the
Web3Power 2022 Summit – October 24-25, Toronto, Canada
Privacy Policy

Jake Gordon & Associates, Inc. (henceforth referred to as "JG&A") respects your privacy, so it is important to us that you understand our privacy policy, our online information practices collection practices and how we use the information that you provide us or that we collect about you. It is further very important that you understand your options and the choices that you can make about the way such information is collected, used and shared with others.

1. Why Do We Collect Your Information?

Doing business with JG&A usually involves the provision of information about yourself and your organization.

JG&A's activities in the marketplace involve staging of conferences, seminars, and trade shows in various areas of IT and telecommunications, as well as and lectures on related topics.

The information that JG&A collects about the visitors to the web site, its members, customers, subscribers and event attendees helps JG&A to understand the needs of the marketplace and allows JG&A to identify you and to better tailor products and services to meet your individual needs.

2. What Type of Information Do We Collect About You?

JG&A collects various types of information about you and your business. These include, but are not limited to, your personal or office mailing address(es), telephone and/or fax numbers, e-mail address, corporate role, areas of interest, organization site, organization key line of business, purchasing intentions, preferences, product choices, and your past transaction history with JG&A and its affiliates.

3. How Do We Collect Such Information?

The information is obtained either on-line when you visit the web site or through forms that you filled out when subscribing to JG&A's publications or attending JG&A's events. The on-line information may be provided by you voluntarily or collected through modern on-line collection technologies. JG&A collects visitor and usage statistics on the web site and uses technology known as "cookies" to identify past site visitors and track their navigation history. Your computer browser software program provides you the choice of being notified each time when you receive a cookie and the ability to reject it selectively or entirely.

4. Data Security Measures

JG&A has physical, electronic and corporate procedures to protect and secure the information that is collected on-line. JG&A also utilizes encryption technology during the collection, processing or transfer of sensitive financial data such as your credit card information. However, you must be aware that in spite of JG&A's efforts and the protection measures that were put in place, JG&A may not be able to always prevent unauthorized access or unauthorized use.

5. Sharing Your Information with Third Parties

Because of the nature of it's business, JG&A may share your information with other third parties from time to time. For instance, if you attend an sponsored event, those corporate sponsors can obtain copy of the data you provide to JG&A; if you visit one of JG&A's trade shows, the exhibitors can also receive your information.

This web site contains links to external web sites of other organizations which are provided strictly for your convenience. However, you should be aware that when you click on an external link, you leave JG&A's web site. From this point on, your personal information is subject to the business and privacy polices of other third parties, and is beyond JG&A's control.

6. You Can "Opt-Out" of the Release of Your Data to Other Parties

Whenever you provide JG&A with any type of information, you always have the choice to withdraw your consent from the release of your information to other third parties. However, JG&A always reserves the right to disclose your information, at our sole discretion, to law enforcement agencies and/or government officials if JG&A believes that it is legally obliged to do so.

7. Your Agreement With the Above Privacy Policy Statement

This Privacy Disclosure Statement is always posted on JG&A's web site for your review. Updates to this policy may be posted from time to time. By visiting JG&A's web site, you hereby consent that you had the opportunity to review these privacy policies and that you agree with the terms and conditions of this policy and any future posted amendments.

8. Your Questions and/or Comments

Please forward your questions and comments to stating and qoute document ID number as stated below.

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